Jack Evan James is a modern Professional Consulting Organization.
We provide Big Firm resources with boutique style attention to detail.

Our consultants have a unique combination of education, delivery
capability and management experience that effectively impacts our
clients with innovative leadership, sound project deliverables, and
structured solutions.

At Jack Evan James, we solve enterprise problems, define actionable
strategies and are consistently mindful of the complexities unique to
each business. We strive to partner with our clients by supplying the
knowledge to improve the process and the tools to staff efforts that
drive results.


The Jack Evan James philosophy embraces both the right and left facing phases of an effort. We
use two intersecting arrows to signify our practice. Looking right, we are well equipped to initiate
an assessment, define a strategy and develop a business case. With the end in mind, we focus left
to execute and transform process thereby effectuating strategy into realization.


DESIGN effective workshops and evaluate product portfolios
by utilizing diverse data sources, stakeholder interviews, and
benchmarking to identify core enterprise objectives.

CREATE business cases, IT roadmaps, and project selection
models through evaluation of the desired state and investment
required for a solution.

DRIVE organizational change initiatives to addresses sets of
interdependencies through sound planning and proper
resource allocation.

DELIVER reengineered process, including increased
productivity implementing tools, to enhance and complement
an enterprise strategic plan.


Lyghtning is a full-service solution that revolutionizes
relationships between companies and consultants.

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